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Students must have mask and snorkel
* 10% discount if purchased at Lakeland Divers

must be at least 10 years of age to participate

Basic Open Water

Scuba diving is an exciting and fast growing sport. Anyone in normal physical health and with average swimming ability can become certified.
A basic scuba class consists of three elements: classroom, pool, and open water training dives.

The academic portion of the course
Students are required to receive a minimum of 12 to 15 hours of academic instruction. This is accomplished using a combination of classroom and the NAUI E-learning process. The E-learning process is bookended by two three hour classes here in Lakeland's classroom. The initial class consists of discussions on physics, physiology, pressure related injuries, an introduction to the dive tables and gear fit. A second three hour session, again at Lakeland, consists of a review of the students on-line practice exam and administration and grading of the NAUI approved Lakeland final exam.

Pool: The confined water portion of the course
Students are also required to attend a minimum of 12 hours of confined water instruction. Pool sessions are scheduled Thursday evenings from 7:30 till 10:30pm at the Kim Swims Pool Academy in Rockaway.

Class and pool scheduling issues can be addressed on a case by case basis

Open Water Training Dives: where the adventure really begins...
At the completion of the classroom and pool sessions you will be well prepared for your open water training dives. The five training dives (four scuba and one skin dive), are done over a 2 day period and can be completed either with one of the Lakeland Divers' instructors at Dutch Springs, on one of Lakeland Divers warm water adventures, or on your next vacation via a universal referral.

  • Training dives at Dutch Springs - Between May and October, instructors from Lakeland Divers conduct training dives at Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA. Dutch Spring is a recreational area that is designed specifically as a dive training facility.
  • Training dives with a referral - If you prefer to complete your training dives on your next vacation, your instructor can give you a universal referral form that informs other dive operators that you've completed the classroom and pool portions of your training and that you are ready for the open water dives.
  • Training dives can also be completed with a Lakeland instructor on one of our warm water vacations.

Class Tuition
Class tuition is $299.00. This includes approximately 25 hours of classroom and pool instruction, and the use of Lakeland scuba equipment (i.e. tank, regulator, weight belt, weights, and BCD) for all pool sessions. Training materials, books, dive tables, log book, etc. are an additional $189.00. The E-Learning program is included with your training materials. A $100.00 deposit is required to hold your space in class. Our refund policy can be found here.

Additional costs:
Equipment - Students are responsible for their scuba quality personal equipment (i.e. mask, fins, snorkel, and boots) by the first pool session. All of Lakeland's students receive a 10% discount on purchases made during their training.

Open water training dives require the rental of standard scuba equipment for the weekend.

1. 2 entry vouchers for the two days of diving at Dutch Springs
2. Rental of Scuba gear package for two days which includes: 7mm, 2 piece wet suit, hood and gloves,
two 80 cu ft aluminum tanks, weight belt with appropriate weights, regulator with octo and console with depth and pressure gauges, wrist compass and BCD.
3. 2 air fill tickets
4. Instructor fee
5. Scuba Diver Certification upon successful completion of open water dives.

To sign-up, or for more information, contact us at (973) 887-0194
Advanced Open Water

Next Class Begins . . TBA
Advanced Scuba is a fun continuing education certification course designed to introduce newly certified or inexperienced divers to a variety of new diving activities. The new course includes one 3 hour classroom session and 6 open water dives under the direct supervision of a NAUI instructor. The course will review gear configuration to give you an idea of the different ideas on the subject and help you find what works for you. You will also develop better buoyancy control to make your dives more enjoyable. We will also show you ways to improve your air consumption as well as tips to make your dives as safe as possible. Additional skills covered during the six dives can include the following:

  • Current Dive
  • Navigation
  • Introduction into Search and Recovery
  • Night/Low Visibility
  • Wreck
  • Boat Diving

Tuition: Please call for pricing
The course price does not include required course book, your personal equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, boots, BC, regulator, exposure suit, dive lights, or slates), Dive Boat fees and/or Dutch Spring fees. We strongly recommend that you have your own personal gear for proper fit, safety, and comfort.

Dry Suit

Next Class Begins TBA

Extend your diving season. Use a Dry Suit.
Dive Warm, Dry, and Comfortable which always beats Cold, Wet, and Miserable!

The course is one night of class, 1/2 day of pool, and one day of diving. Includes use of Dry Suit for class. After the class you will be certified as a Dry Suit Specialty Diver, and will be able to rent dry suits from us whenever you wish. If you purchase a new dry suit from us during, or within 60 days after the class, the amount of your tuition will be deducted from the list price.


Tuition: Please call

You may also take this Dry Suit Course as an Add-on to your Basic Scuba Course for a reduced additional tuition fee

To sign-up, or for more information, contact us at (973) 887-0194



Next Class Begins in January - Please call for dates
prerequisite – Basic Scuba Certification
Little else has impacted recreational diving more than the introduction of nitrox, allowing more time underwater. Our TDI nitrox course is an entry level course for divers wishing to utilize enriched air nitrox as a breathing gas. During this course, you will learn the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for diving with EAN 22 to EAN 40.

Call for Tuition fee *does not include required course book

You may also take this Basic Nitrox Course as an Add-on while you are enrolled in your Basic Scuba Course at Lakeland Divers for a reduced additional tuition fee plus required course book.

Call Lakeland Divers now to reserve your space.
973 887-0194

Class includes 3 nights of classroom time to familiarize the diver with the mathematics and physiology of diving mixed gas.
When complete, you will receive a Nitrox Certification for 21% - 40%.
Your Instructor will also cover:

  • Equipment considerations
  • Cylinder labeling
  • Analyzing of Nitrox

To sign-up, or for more information, contact us at (973) 887-0194

Digital Underwater Photography

Whether you are starting out with Underwater Photography, an experienced film photographer, or even an experienced Digital Photographer, this course will have something for you.
Prerequisite - To take this course you'll need to to be at least NAUI Open Water Diver (or equivalent)

COURSE OUTLINE: 3 Classroom sessions, 2 pool sessions and 1 open water session at Dutch Springs.


To sign-up, or for more information, contact us at (973) 887-0194

NAUI Search and Recovery

At some point in your diving career, you will lose or find something underwater and the knowledge and skill you gain in the Search and Recovery Course will help you. You will learn more about underwater navigation, rigging, safety procedures, search methods and light salvage.
Must be at least 12 years old.

Dive Computers
Learn how to use dive computers to plan your dives and extend the amount of time you spend underwater.


To sign-up, or for more information, contact us at (973) 887-0194

Equipment Maintenance

Scuba diving is an equipment intensive sport. This class is designed to familiarize you with your gear and how to properly maintain it. You will learn how to "Field Strip" and clean regulators and gauges, in addition to valves from BCs and dry suits. Determining if you can repair an item or if it should be worked on by a qualified repair facility is a major consideration discussed in the class. The course will consist of 2 days of training, 2-3 hours each day. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS COURSE DOES NOT QUALIFY YOU AS A REGULATOR REPAIR TECHNICIAN.