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Basic Scuba Class

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A comprehensive introduction to scuba diving.
Including diving techniques and gear familiarization.
When complete - Open Water Certification


Basic Nitrox Course
Classes start monthly - prerequisite – Basic Scuba Certification
An introduction to the benefits of diving Nitrox. Class includes 2 nights of classroom time to familiarize the diver with the mathematics and physiology of diving mixed gas, and one day at the quarry or on a wreck dive. When complete - Nitrox Certification for 21% - 40%.

Advanced Scuba Cert Course

prerequisite – Basic Scuba Cert
Explore 5 to 6 different dive environments to enhance and broaden your diving skills. Current dive, search and recovery, night dive, wreck dive, etc.
When complete - Advanced Open Water Certification.

Advanced Nitrox
Next Class starts TBA This course is designed to extend the divers knowledge of the use of Nitrox, and further develops the divers skills and understanding of mixed gas.
When complete - Advanced Nitrox Certification for 21% - 50%.

Rescue Course
Next Class starts TBA - prerequisite – Advanced Scuba Certification
Accredited First Aid, CPR, AED, O2 Provider courses are offered separately as part of the course

Equipment Workshop
A workshop geared for divers who want to extend their
knowledge of various SCUBA equipment. Learn to maintain and care for your gear. You will discuss normal maintenance and what to do and not to do at the dive site as far as repairing your own gear. This will be a "nuts and bolts" workshop with emphasis on gear configuration.

Dry Suit Course
Next Class starts TBA - prerequisite – Basic Scuba Cert
A short course to familiarize the diver with the techniques and benefits of dry suit diving. Course entails The course is one night of class, 1/2 day of pool, and one day of diving.

Dive Computers
Learn how to use dive computers to plan your dives and extend the amount of time you spend underwater..

Digital Underwater Photography Course
prerequisite – Basic Scuba Certification
Course Outline - 3 classroom sessions, 2 pool sessions, 1 open water session at Dutch Springs.

Scuba Refresher
The Scuba refresher course is for certified divers who have been out of the water for awhile and want to brush up on their skills and knowledge. This is a non-certification course.

Underwater Hunter and Collector Course

If spearfishing or lobstering interests you, the Underwater Hunter and Collector course may be just right for you. You'll learn diving techniques, hazards and cautions, safety concerns, spear-fishing and collection equipment, and specific techniques on how to hunt and collect responsibly, while minimizing the diving risks of such activities.

Your instructor will also teach you about conservation, fishing laws and regulations, sportsmanship, utilizing your catch, and hunting and collecting dive locations.


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