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Adult Snorkel Vest

This snorkel vest will give you the extra buoyancy you need to stay safe in the water. .


Child's Snorkel Vest

This child's snorkel vest will give your child the extra buoyancy they need to stay safe in any body of water.

Akona Weight Bag

This bag is designed to carry your heavy diving weights and weight belts.

OMS Spring Heel Fin Strap

The OMS Spring Heel Fin Strap is designed to fit most fins that utilize a plastic quick release buckle

Sea Gold snti fog gel

Best anti-fog gel, non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-free!


Trident Silicone Mouthpiece

Soft silicone small mouthpiece for regulators and snorkels.

Oceanic Snorkel Lock

swiveling snorkel lock makes it easy to put on/take off your snorkel.

Convenient way to quickly attach or remove a snorkel from the mask strap

Trident Neoprene Snorkel Keeper

Easily fits most snorkels available today
Top quality Neoprene
Outside edges bound for durability
Fits most snorkels available today
Colors: Blue/Black

Trident Silicone
Snorkel Keeper

The most simple but functional snorkel keeper ever manufactured.
This figure 8 Style snorkel Keeper can be adapted to virtually any snorkel if needed. 
You should have several in your Save-A-Dive Kit.
Can also be used as a octopus holder in a pinch!

Replacement Mask Strap

(clear silicone


Trident Neoprene Soft Strap

Soft Neoprene Mask Straps - Combines the easy use of velcro with soft neoprene providing easy-to-use soft strap. Won't catch on hair. Each strap is reversible in color.

Mask Strap Cover

This colorful neoprene straps covers your existing strap and lets you enjoy comfortable diving.

Trident 3pc Underwater Armband Slate

Underwater Slate with three separate writing surfaces that flip up for easy access


Trident 6x8 Underwater slate w/pencil

Underwater slate comes with pencil tethered with latex tubing

Blank on both sides

Trident Navigator Slate w/Compass & Retractor

Great for multiple headings and reciprocal numbers

Underwater slate comes with both pencil and easy to read compass with side view

Includes mini retractor for easy access

SIZE: 4" X 6"

Universal Dive Fin Strap

With the Buckle less Universal Fin Strap you no longer have to worry about having the correct buckle for you backup fin straps

You Stretch and fit the appropriate hole in the strap over the fin knob located on each side of your fin.
Easy to Use. Long Lasting. Eliminates fin drag. No buckling system. No assembly required.
Changes out in seconds. 
2 straps per package.