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So you're interested in finding out what lies just beneath the waves right off the Jersey shore. You've heard that there are shipwrecks, lobsters to be had for the taking, even tropical fish in the fall. The easiest way to experience Jersey wreck diving is from a boat; Lakeland uses Captain Al Pyatak and the dive boat SEA LION. The dive boat SEA LION has been providing Jersey divers with transportation to and from Jersey 's shipwrecks since the 1960's (this is the third in a line of boats named SEA LION) and under Captain Al's stewardship for the last 18 years.


Let's get started...

Boat etiquette

  • Do not board the boat or load your gear until directed to do so by the Captain or crew.
  • You will be asked for your Certification Card by Lakeland and the crew of the Sea Lion, be prepared to show your card or you will not dive.
  • Pay attention to the pre dive and boat safety briefings.
  • Lakeland Diver's Divemaster will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.
  • Use of the marine head is allowed only after the boat is well clear of the jetty rocks. Prior to the boats departure please avail yourself of the patio-bars bathrooms

Proper way to carry and load your gear on the boat

You are encouraged to back up to the boat for unloading
As on any boat, deck space is limited

  • Plastic crates/vertical storage is far better than large roller bags.
  • Crew will direct you as to where to stow your dive gear, dry gear and your cooler.
  • Although personal coolers are allowed, please limit their size.
    Boat is equipped with a large cooler and plenty of bottled water.
Methods for entering the water and returning to the boat
  • Unlike the Caribbean , you will want to keep your regulator in your mouth and your fins on while climbing back on board, the Sea Lion's “T” ladder will allow you to do so and easily climb back on.
  • The crew will demonstrate and assist you in proper entry into the water and coach you back up our ladder

Rolling In .. .. .. .. .. Climbing back on board

What it will look like when you get down there


Equipment requirements
    • Basic Scuba gear i.e., mask, fins, snorkel, boots
    • 2 piece 7mm wetsuit, hood and gloves
    • BCD
    • 2 Scuba tanks
    • Minimum requirements …Regulator, octo, depth gauge & timer (computer preferred) and pressure gauge, .
    • Weight belt with appropriate weight for your gear
    • Light
    • Knife
When to arrive
  • Minimum of ½ hour before departure. Departure times vary, please call Lakeland to verify departure time. Boat leaves promptly at the listed departure time.
  • Although there a number of parking spaces on the street near the boat, Sea Lion customers are allowed to park in the Union Landing restaurant parking lot. A parking pass will be supplied by the boat that must be displayed in your windshield and the restaurant prefers that you back into the spaces.
Mal de mer (sea sickness)
  • Whether you think you are susceptible to sea sickness or not, everyone is!
  • There are a number of good OTC sea sickness items, as well as prescription. Taking them when you feel ill will not help, you must take them well BEFORE you board the boat.


Call Lakeland for availability and details